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Tanner Gill

Tanner Gill

Tanner originally helped set up our first React app skeleton. From San Diego, as a Thinkful Inc. full-stack-flex bootcamp graduate, he has experience in a team team developing React-Native apps as a mobile developer. He now lives in SE Portland, Oregon with his two dogs. He has recently switched to a car-free existence, and spends some of his free time developing games using F# for virtual reality platforms.

Stasha Yancho

Stasha Yancho

Stasha is a software developer originally from Traverse City, Michigan. A former Russian linguist, her passion for environmentalism led her to pursue programming after she realized the exciting potential of green tech solutions to help us address today’s environmental issues. When she’s not coding, you can find her doing yoga or petting her cat.

Chester “Buzz” Beard III

Chester “Buzz” Beard

‘Buzz’ is a software developer with Microsoft’s Xbox team in Seattle. His past work includes software development for healthcare companies, focusing on user authentication and patient privacy. In his free time, he advises Cascadia Carbon, adding OAuth security to our app’s front end, and assists with coding our iOS application.

Evan Feenstra

Evan is a full-stack software developer with a wide range of specialties, from distributed systems, to internet of things, to user experience design. Last year he won first place in a global Flash Channel Hackathon put on by the IOTA Foundation with his project fognet, as well as in an IoT hackathon put on by T-Mobile.


Jason Child | CTO


With over 17 years in engineering and product development, Jason has delivered solutions across a wide range of industries. As a startup vet and early tech contributor he has helped build everything from an industrial IoT company to automated electrical drafting software to blockchain solutions for a global audience.

Alex Wick Founder/CEO


Alex Wick MSc., is a data scientist and entrepreneur who is passionate about carbon emissions reduction technology and mindfulness. He earned his Masters of Science in Natural Resources from Humboldt State University in 2016, and has experience working for government, non-profit, and private entities in the world’s only carbon-negative industry as a forester. As a carbon-conscious environmentalist, Alex thrives at the intersection of coding, cryptography, carbon emissions and climate change, and has been living a low-carbon lifestyle since 2010.

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