The Team

Alex Wick


Alex Wick MSc., is a data scientist and entrepreneur who is passionate about carbon emissions reduction technology and mindfulness. He earned his Masters of Science in Natural Resources from Humboldt State University in 2016, and has experience working for government, non-profit, and private entities in the world’s only carbon-negative industry as a forester. As a carbon-conscious environmentalist, Alex thrives at the intersection of coding, cryptography, carbon emissions and climate change, and has been living a low-carbon lifestyle since 2010.

Chester ‘Buzz’ Beard III

Chester “Buzz” Beard III

‘Buzz’ is a software developer with Microsoft’s Xbox team in Seattle. His past work includes software development for healthcare companies, focusing on user authentication and patient privacy.

Eric Schmitt
Chief Technical Officer


Eric is a software developer with a focus on start-ups. He has strong experience in mobile apps including location, security, and usability. He also has a background in ecology.

Nikhil Kumar, CFA
Chief Financial Officer


Holding the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, Masters in Engineering and an MBA EM, Nikhil has vast experience across several industries. His background provides the ability to build long-term shareholder value and forge partnerships worldwide.

Open Positions

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