Why use CODEX?

Hint: It makes carbon offsets for you automatically


Why care about Climate Climate?

Answer: its a really big problem


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How it Works

CarbonCodex.app automatically quantifies avoided carbon. That’s carbon you save whenever you bike, walk, or take mass transit. Our app anonymizes and tokenizes this record, and stores it on a secure blockchain.

You earn rewards for saving carbon, and can enter to win cool prizes from Tesla, Patagonia, Portland Coffee Roasting, and Nike.


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In the last year human activity produced more than 36 Billion tons of carbon dioxide

The largest source of emissions in the US is from transportation.

We have less than a decade to transform to a carbon neutral or negative society.

At an average over 200 pounds per week per car, your choice to bike, walk, or take the bus adds up fast.

Get out of the driver’s seat and join us.