The average american drives nearly 30 miles per day… when combined, this translates to over 3.5 trillion miles driven per year throughout the U.S.

You produce more than 200 pounds of carbon per week (that’s nearly 5 tons per year, just from driving)

So, how can we reduce this? Well, its simple! DRIVE LESS. This saves you money, and now, with Cascadia Carbon, you can even get paid to drive fewer miles per week.How does it work?

Our app calculates two metrics, called Quantified Carbon Dioxide (QCD) and Quantified Avoided Carbon (QAC) from your smartphone movement. QCD provides valuable baseline information, which we anonymize, aggregated and analyze to improve climate change calculations and predictions. Each time you use the bus, bike, run, walk or take the train, it calculates your QAC as a result of your actions. Lets say you drive to work on Mondays, and then bike and take public transit the rest of the week. Each day, CARBON app automatically senses that you biked to work, and adds your QAC to your profile, upping your rankings on the leaderboard, and giving you a boost to your team, over your friends. As your QCD decreases, our app calculates and attributes the resulting QAC to your profile.

Whats in it for me?

Ahh, the age-old question. Well, for starters, you earn money. Not a lot of money (right now), but as we only have 10-12 years to reduce our emisisons by half and another 8-10 to reduce them to zero, the price of the carbon you produce is likely to increase over time. And since we tokenize your QAC, it remains, through the power of blockchain, unalterably and immutably tied to your user profile. And, with our free app, you can withdraw your carbon balance to your Google Play Store, or Apple App Store Account whenever you’d like.


Cascadia Carbon is a Portland, OR based B-Corporation with the simple goal of raising awareness of personal transportation choices, and as a result, changing how the world moves.

If you’re interested in earning money to not use your car, and want to increase the good in the world, join us.

By pledging to become more aware of your own carbon emission footprint, you become a force for good in the world, and together we can create positive change, tipping the age-old balance of good vs. evil, and creating a better world for yourself and those around you.

Do it for your health, mental well-being, and community. Do it for humanity, or for whomever or whatever you hold important in your heart.

Join us in creating a better, more sustainable future. Join us in creating awareness. And most importantly, be better everyday.

❤️ – Cascadia Carbon


Whether its assisting another person, making your mindset, community, and others lives better through volunteering your time, generosity, just simply slowing down, or saying hello to strangers, your ability to change your own mind and therefore the whole world surrounding you is remarkable.

How does a mindful outlook work to create a positive mindset? By being aware of your impact, it allows you to amplify your best intentions, and helps to minimize those moments when you’re not at your best. By cultivating mindfulness, you become aware of your impacts, and assist in reducing the negative externalities caused by your actions.

Mindfulness leads to the larger perspective of “We are all in this together, and we can choose, in each moment, how we react to our surroundings.” So get out of your car, breathe deeply, and go for a walk. We live in an amazing time of inter-connectivity. Lets make the world a better place through our mindset, choices, efforts and our intentions.

Inhale. Exhale. You focus on living your best life. We are here to help you make a positive impact.